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Groundbreaking remodeling services and projects in Caldwell, ID. From new construction to tenant improvements, we do it all.

The Leading Remodeling Contractor Based Caldwell, ID, Servicing Treasure Valley, and the Surrounding Areas


Since 1995, Construction Services Concepts, LLC has established a legacy of excellence and trust in the construction industry. With over 40 years of experience, our journey reflects dedication, quality, and the evolution of building standards, ensuring every project stands the test of time.

High Performance

Our commitment to high-performance construction is evident in every project. Leveraging the latest technology and sustainable practices, CSC, LLC delivers efficiency, durability, and beauty, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the construction sector.

Talented Team

Our talented team is our greatest asset. Skilled in various construction disciplines, from intricate remodeling to expansive new constructions, our professionals embody CSC, LLC’s values of integrity, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders and local suppliers enable us to provide unparalleled service. These collaborations enhance our project delivery, ensuring innovative solutions, cost efficiency, and timely completion for every client.

Discover Unbeatable Construction Services With CSC, LLC

Delivering Groundbreaking Projects That Foster Progress

Navigating the challenges of remodeling can be daunting, from unexpected structural issues to the stress of choosing the right remodeling contractor. In Caldwell, ID, and servicing Treasure Valley, Construction Services Concepts (CSC), LLC stands apart with decades of experience, deep knowledge of local building codes, and strong relationships with inspectors. Our services, including new construction, remodels, and tenant improvements, are tailored to meet the unique needs of both residential and commercial clients. With CSC, LLC, clients find not just solutions but peace of mind, knowing their projects are in the hands of industry veterans committed to excellence and satisfaction.

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Create a Space That Inspires and Lasts

At Construction Services Concepts (CSC), LLC, your dream space is just a call away. Specializing as an industry-leading remodeling contractor in Caldwell, ID, servicing Treasure Valley, and surrounding areas, we bring a blend of expertise, precision, and care to every project. Whether it’s breathing new life into your home with a remodel, expanding your business space, or anything in between, our team is ready to deliver. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we invite you to experience the CSC difference. Let’s turn your vision into reality and create spaces that inspire, comfort, and stand the test of time.

Explore Our Wide Range of Services

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New Construction

At Construction Services Concepts (CSC), LLC, our New Construction service stands as a cornerstone of our offerings. As seasoned general contractors, we handle projects from the ground up, ensuring every aspect of framing, home projects, and commercial construction exceeds your expectations. Our team specializes in a wide range of services including retrofit, fencing, decking, and painting, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Trust us to bring your vision to life with our comprehensive new construction solutions.

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Remodeling is more than just a service at Construction Services Concepts (CSC), LLC; it's our specialty. As an industry-leading remodeling company, we excel in transforming spaces through high-end remodels, including dealing with fire, smoke, and water damage. Our expert team is adept at demolition, rebuilds, and creating spaces that not only meet but surpass your expectations. Let us revitalize your space with our unparalleled remodeling services.

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement by Construction Services Concepts (CSC), LLC is designed to tailor your commercial space to fit your specific needs. Our tenant improvement services include comprehensive commercial remodeling, demolition, and updates to accommodate new tenant requirements. With our expertise, we ensure your commercial space is not just functional but also reflects the quality and professionalism of your business. Elevate your commercial space with our tailored tenant improvement solutions.

Areas Served

Find out how we can help you in Caldwell, ID, servicing Treasure Valley, and the surrounding areas.

  • Star, ID

  • Donnelly, ID

  • McCall, ID

  • Cascade, ID

  • Idaho City, ID

  • Crouch, ID

  • Marsing, ID

  • Notus, ID

  • Horseshoe Bend, ID

  • Cambridge, ID

  • Midvale, ID

  • Weiser, ID

  • New Plymouth, ID

  • Fruitland, ID

  • Sand Hollow, ID

  • Garden City, ID

  • Payette, ID

  • Parma, ID

  • Kuna, ID

  • Middleton, ID

  • Nampa, ID

  • Eagle, ID

  • Caldwell, ID

  • Boise, ID

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